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The Future of Flamingo Heights [Mar. 1st, 2008|09:57 pm]
Fandango High School


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 So as we all know, there has been a lot of chaos and confusion in the roleplay this weekend, and the future of our beloved Florida community is currently in doubt. To clarify for anyone who has not been around, the basics are these:

- On Friday, Jabbers and Naru announced that they were leaving the game and stepping down as mods. Stars and Rae stepped up to replace them and were granted maintainership of the high school. (Maintainership. Is that a word?)

- On Saturday, Mer ended the Flamingo University roleplay when Captain Planet inadvertantly destroyed the University campus. No characters were harmed in the explosion unless their muns want them to be. She has stepped down as mod.

- Several people have used this time of transition as an opportunity to change their involvement in the game by adding, changing, dropping characters or leaving the game entirely. 

Despite all this, a lot of us want the Flamingo Heights tradition to continue in some way, both in the sense of RP and in the sense of the community and friendships we've formed. The chats and the friendships can continue, no problem, but rebuilding the RP will take some work. Work that I'd like everyone's input on. So I'd appreciate it if anyone who's still interested in continuing answered the following questions:

1) If given the choice of continuing to use the existing fandangohigh, flamingo_u and bonapartejrhigh comms with new mods or consolidating to one flamingoheights community, which would you prefer?

2) If given the choice of resetting the game completely or beginning the new game with our current characters' memories of past relationships and events intact, which would you prefer? 

EDIT: Pocky m so smrt, I just realized there's a win-win scenario for question 2. Giving people the OPTION of resetting their characters only if they want to. *facepalm* How's that sound to folks?

Thanks everyone for your input and I'd just like to say that in spite of all that's happened, my relationships with all of you are important to me and I'd like them to continue just as I'd like the game to continue. If I personally have offended any of you during this weekend or earlier, I apologize. This is an emotional time, but if we can all let go of our anger, put the past behind us and look toward the future with some maturity and an open mind, I believe we can make this work. 

...Why do I keep sounding like Relena today?

[User Picture]From: whatunderthmask
2008-03-02 04:06 am (UTC)
As for the first question, either would be fine I suppose. There's really no bad part of either, and with all the drops and such, we really need to just wipe our friends lists and start over by this point XP

As for the second I really don't want my characters minds wiped. I just love Kakashi and Yuuko too much for that. And the the others as well :D

And I'll say again, I may only be around at night, but I really have no other life yea, I'm that pathetic , and would be more than happy to help with modding if more mods are needed.
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